@breluvmusic January 2014 Independent Artist Of The Month




breluvmusic Let @breluvmusic followers know where are you from , can describe the sound of your music, How where you introduced to music at a young age?

AJIMAL I’m Fran O’Hanlon, I write and sing as part of Ajimal. I started playing piano when I was quite young and then just experimenting with whatever I can get my hands on. As Ajimal, we come from Newcastle, in the UK. Our sound is quite different depending on what we want from a track or a show, we try to mix things up quite a bit so sometimes scale things right back to just a me and a piano and then at other times build things up to be orchestral and massive sounding. I think the sound is quite warm, we try and put a lot of emphasis on melody and lyrics.

breluvmusic You you graduated with a medical degree what made you go in a diffrent path with your music?

AJIMAL Yes, I graduated over the summer, which was something of a milestone. Music has always been something I’ve loved and I wouldn’t be making the same sound without the experiences I’ve had but medicine isn’t something which has made it easy.

breluvmusic Can you explain Ajimal and Fran O’ Hanlon, how do you meet and can talk about the collaborative process, is it some who writes and the other produce the music or do you both have a hand in both have a hand in both aspect when coming up with a song?

AJIMAL Ajimal started up a couple of years ago and has gone through various incarnations with quite a fluid line up, and that’s something I wanted from the start – to have flexibility around creative involvement. I’m joined by some wonderfully talented friends, Mark Broughton, Ben Helm and Matt Hardy. I write the bones of the song and then we hash things around with Mick Ross (Minotaurs, Frankie & the Heartstrings) who’s also closely involved until we find the sound we want.

breluvmusic Ajimal it says that specialises In Grandious Pop music, can you talk about how does Grandious Pop Music sound?

AJIMAL Yes, I don’t know who coined that. I think definitions of music are, for the most part, completely vague but I like the sound of grandiose pop so I’ll go with that. I think it’s helpful to have people who you trust to bounce ideas off, who can cut the fat off, until you have something which tells a story in just a few minutes. That’s what a perfect song does. So I suppose we try to do that. I like challenging myself with arrangements and instrumentation so I guess grandiose maybe comes from that orchestral and classical overlap in the sound.

breluvmusic The Single ‘The Human Joy’ that is available Now on iTunes what was the process in making the single, what where you trying to capture in making the single?

AJIMAL ‘This Human Joy’ is about the simple beauties which we often miss when we’re caught up in the frustrations of the day to day. How many things are going on around us which we don’t even notice because we’re too busy. It was also a self reflection about how easy it is to want to know where we’re going in life and what’s going to happen to us – when actually many of my greatest happinesses so far have come from the things I couldn’t predict, which made me totally change course. I came across a line from a poem by Percy Shelley which was ‘Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory’, which I thought was a beautiful image.

breluvmusic With the success of ‘The Human Joy’ what has it done for youe career?

AJIMAL We’re just building things steadily I guess, it was great that so many people liked This Human Joy and I’m really proud of it. I actually went to school with Emily Hoile and she’s now an internationally renowned harpist on a scholarship at the Julliard school in New York. She transformed it the track and gave it so much life.

breluvmusic What can we expect from AJIMAL In 2014 is there plans for an album, if there is what can we expect, how often do you think about presenting your music to the United States?

AJIMAL Yeah I think there are exciting plans. It’s going to be the year I step back a bit from medicine to focus more on releasing the record which we recorded, and to tour. We’ve put a lot of time and love into this record and are working on giving it the right release next year. I would love to come to the States, maybe 2014 is a good year for that too. I hope so.

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